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Electronic Educational and Security Systems

We are on the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of Electronic Educational and Security Systems. Also offering programmable autobell and school broadcasting system.

Language Laboratory System

We are engaged in developing an extensive range of Language Laboratory System, which is a necessary tool for teaching English or any other foreign language in modern teaching environment. Our Language Laboratory System is highly efficient to teach languages very easily with audio and video facility. This helps to encourage students for following activities:

To think & speak in English
To improve phonetics skills
To develop effective communication skills
To develop confidence to carry out a simple conversation
To conduct a focused discussion
To be attentive, alert & a careful listener
To be able to handle conflict situation with ease
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Accurate pronunciation
Effective expression
Meaning of words
High fluency
Recording of class performance


Various teaching aids are used to stimulate the students in to thinking in English & articulating their thoughts

Audio Cassettes
Video Cassettes
Power Point Presentation
News Clips
Short Video Films
Tongue Twisters
Journal Entries

Programmable Autobell

Our company has introduced a boon product for schools and colleges i.e. a new programmable auto bell with German technology. It is a great solution for old gong bells problems. It enables you to program as per the schedule of your school timings with simple and fast setting functional push button. It can be programmed to the minutes and hours for 16 bells per day or weekly programmed from Monday to Saturday and automatically switch on & off. All you need are 4 to 5 speakers in your school premises. Now-a-days auto bell has become hot product in schools, colleges and industrial establishments and very fastly replacing old gong bells, tawa hammer and other obsolete electric bells assures that the set program repeats itself day in day out and gives you the enjoyment of your leisure activities.

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Daily and weekly program
Repeat program
One channel version only
Week day switching status

CCTV Security Cameras

Understanding the immense importance of CCTV Security Cameras for video security systems, we manufacture our range using the best quality instruments. These CCTV cameras can keep a track of student,classroom,playground,reception,employees, locations, entry ways, and other areas in an efficient manner. We offer efficiently designed high quality CCTV cameras with true to life specification factors, offering excellent video images and audio quality. we have installed new range of cctv in various school & college.

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